Best Way To Fix How To Fix Blue Screen Error On Startup


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro
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    Here are some simple ways that can help you fix the Blue Screen of Startup Error. pay attention to the Windows blue screen stop code.Try the troubleshooter associated with your blue screen error code.Check your computer for the latest changes.Check for updates and windows drivers.Perform a system restore.Scan for malware.Test your computer hardware.Run an SFC scan.


    If you get a blue screen of death in Windows 10, You can read the post, this one, which describes the causes and technologies associated with this problem. In addition, this work also shows how to back up data and restore data using the MiniTool Wizard section.


    Black Screen of Death is also a BSOD, but the arguments for the two errors must be different. See below for more details about the black screen

    Complete Guide to Fix Black Screen Error on Windows BootDot:
    how to fix blue error screen on startup

    If an extension is causing the BSOD on Windows 10, it should be prevented

    temporarily the update is reinstalled in the source automatically

    How do I fix blue screen error crash and restart?

    Go to your computer help and right click on it.Go ahead and give them properties.Click Advancedgo to the tab in the “boot recovery” section and and click the “Settings” button.Go to “System Errors Section” and disable the “Power to Automatically Reboot” option.usually save the settingsClick OK.

    Don’t know how to expand your C drive in a fun hard drive? Do not worry. Wizard minitool Partition helps to expand C drive and then dynamically manage the drive easily.

    When your system detects that something is not right and might cause harm, it disables all triggers and BSODs. In other words, the main Bsod problem is your hardware. If you experience BSODs frequently, you need to take this seriously.

    BSOD doesn’t mean your computer is inefficient , means but what happens.


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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • First of all, everything must predate your operating system, including the system, y. Also, in almost all cases, As bsod indicates a fatal error that should eventually be fixed. As the problem is only recently resolved, you can use your dynamic computer.

    how to fix blue error screen on startup

    You can check information about other BSODs using the Windows Event Viewer. To use this tool of yours, a company can use the following path: right-click the Start button > select Event Viewer.

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    What is the first troubleshooting step for blue screen error?

    Step you – read the message This may seem obvious, but the first step is probably to simply read the message displayed on the screen. Relevant notes are often displayed to let you know why – if error protection is invoked by the latest kernel-mode driver, the driver image name is usually also displayed in the message.

    Starting with Windows 10, some of the features introduced in Windows 8 have been improved, but this task has also introduced new problems.

    The Windows update process may not be the best for PCs, but since the Windows 10 free offer was only for Windows 7 and 8 updates, most Windows 10 developers opted for a particular update. The update causes all the problems it suffers from.

    Windows 10 may offer a lot of design improvements that Windows 8 lacked, but in terms of stability, it still retains the tradition that Microsoft seems to have had since the immediate release of Windows.

    However, today we can talk about blue screen loops.

    We know almost everything about the infamous blue page – the screen that then appears that Windows itself may not be able to handle problems in the code.

    This can be any code, maybe a driver or software that you have downloaded. Over the years, Microsoft has been working hard to eliminate the blue screen from life, but there is still much to be fixed.

    Although doing all this is not easy, what can we do?The only thing to do is to try to identify what is really wrong and try to fix it so we can get back to our real work.

    So on this site we are going to look at several solutions to this problem, they will probably work or not, so it depends if you suffer from this kind of explanation or not, but it’s worth a try anyway.< / p >

    A repeated blue screen can be problematic, preventing access to your system. Speaking of rare screen issues, here are some common issues reported by users:

  • Computer blue screen loop – sometimes accompanied by a System-a-Service exception error, the restart loop can be a huge dilemma, but in most cases you can fix it by finding and fixing the problematic driver.
  • Infinite circle blue screen error. Sometimes you can get stuck in an endless loop of screens around your PC. To guess the fix, we advise you to run Startup Repair itself and fix it to see if this is the problem. Windows screenshot
  • blue Infinite Loop 10, 8.7 1, – This crisis can happen with almost any version of Windows, and even if someone is not using Windows 10, you can use most of our solutions for the Windows version of your solution.
  • Windows Boot Image Blue Screen of Death – 10 Blue Screen can even be called the death of blue screen and if your entire family is unable to access Windows due to this error, be sure to try some of our solutions.
  • Automatic blue screen recovery trap. Sometimes you can get stuck in an automatic recovery loop. In this case, try reinstalling Windows and see if that helps. Can
  • How To Fix Blue Screen Looping In Windows 10?

    How do I get rid of blue screen error?

    Remove incompatible a memory test.check for hard drive errors.Remove unnecessary devices.Replace incompatible older or older expansion cards.Run setupdiag failed after Windows update.Do a brand new clean install.

    1 Out. Use Dedicated Editing Software

    Fixing BSOD errors is quite difficult. you must determine the real cause of the problem. This will be difficult to do manually, unfortunately there are specialized tools that can help you.

    How to troubleshoot Blue Screen error on Windows 10?

    If there is a problem with your RAM, this can also quickly affect the operation of the operating system, leading to the Blue Touch Screen Error, among other things. Here you can use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to fix the problem. 9: Step In the search box, type “Memory Diagnostics” and open the app.

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