Autometer Temperature Sensor Troubleshooting Tips

I hope this user guide will help you when you run into autometer temperature display troubleshooting.


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    The number one cause of erroneous temperature readings is a faulty coolant temperature sensor (CTS). The part that is usually located next to the car’s thermostat at the base of the radiator (see your favorite car’s owner’s manual or repair manual) is prone to contamination and failure.

    Sometimes there usually comes a time when you want to check how accurate your thermometer is, or maybe you just don’t believe what it is.It can show the temperature. We believe it all started with one of today’s biggest water temperature misconceptions… Popular temperature guns (laser guns, infrared guns, etc.) will get bigger and bigger by comparison. They are more of handy little devices that are great for checking the temperature of anything from your collector to your prized soft drink. It can also be used to compare temperature history to your GOAL. This should be used as the best baseline comparison, not the correct one. Here’s why: your heat gun measures surface temperature and doesn’t have the magical ability to measure the overall coolant temperature through an aluminum or iron cluster component. The surface temperature is always lower than the engine coolant temperature or otherwise known as the engine is at “inside” temperature. The surface community of what you are measuring actually has the job of dissipating heat. Typical moisture differenceThe value is between 5 and 25 degrees between the pressure gauge in question and the temperature gun. It depends on the efficiency of this component, which is blown with a high temperature gun to remove heat. So if you think your scale is 195 and Families Point & Shoot has a Build Score of 185, rest assured that you are seeing a reasonable and realistic comparison. So is it worth trusting a heat gun? In those cases where you think that reading is minimized, everything changes. Here’s a general example: if the gauge only reads 160, but you suspect the engine is mostly running hot, you’ll probably take temperature samples with a heat gun from the surface of a particular thermostat housing, manifold inlet (where a large water jacket is present), and the location of the mailer. . If you get a 195 temperature gun reading when the meter reads 160, then knowing that the surface heat range is lower than the core temperature, you can assume that the math is indeed wrong. Your internal temperature can reach 200 or 200, unfortunately I guess it’s still much higher than all the gauges show. Keep in mind that if we or other suppliers as well as OEMs could log surface temperature time to give you an accurate temperature that many of us could read, everyone would save a ton of money and make installing another sensor too much. . less messy and easier. There will be virtually no potential leaks or loss of coolant, and there will also be much less risk of burns when working on a hot, constantly running engine. No holes to drill and completely plugged holes to find, and just don’t need actual adapters. Unfortunately, we want to know the internal temperature, so we have to measure it and trust someone with engine management systems and all the sensors to know how hot the engine is. So to recap, you can use the new temperature sensor to make a very simple comparison, as long as you understand that if everything works, the sensor will probably be even higher since the sensor is measuring internal temperature.Tour and temperature. spray gun regulates surface temperature >

    How do you check autometer temperature gauge?

    The easiest test, of course, is to use an ohmmeter. Run the vehicle until the sensor drops to a stable temperature, then turn off the transmitter while the engine is running. Use this ohmmeter to measure two transducer block connections.

    Checking the accuracy of a good solid mechanical thermometer. A mechanical thermometer has a thick, dark tube attached to the back of the sensor, with a probe at the other end. It’s just a so-called capillary tube. It must be filled with flammable CO2 ethereal gas, so DO NOT test the probe with a flame.

    The correct way to test any of these sensors is under a pot of hot water. Fully insert the measuring probe into the most important water and monitor the area of ​​high water temperature also with a measuring device and accompanied by a well-known, good and accurate temperature measuring device. Notes Be extremely careful when handling hot liquids. Also, knowing that water boils at two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit (at normal sea level) should give you an idea of ​​how accurate the meter is in relation to the question. Temperature

    Not used in mechanical pressure gaugesa replaceable transmitter, and they are often beyond repair. So don’t let them try to remove the capillary or simply measure the dipstick for any reason.

    autometer temp gauge troubleshooting

    Check your own accuracy in a short time (gauge with terminal transmitter available): This gauge usually has 3 ports on the back of most gauges (except light ports). It sends the signal all the way from the exact “S” terminal to the transmitter, and the job of the transmitter is to change that resistance from the signal to ground. That being said, the transmitter and gauge fit to be true, the transmitter would need to be bolted directly to something that is grounded, as I would argue that the transmitter’s ground path would actually be the transmitter’s mounting thread. The meter itself is actually nothing more than a finely tuned and adjusted ohmmeter. To be able to judge this, you need a controlled and therefore measurable ground source resistance. Many electric vehicle repair shops have a so-called new sensor tester that will is a panel of any type with different resistance values. The AutoMeter, a small 100 to 250 degree scanning temperature meter, uses a 1123 ohm ground resistance test at = 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a 65 ohm resistance to ground at = 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can contact our after-sales service for more specifications.

    Speed up your PC today with this easy-to-use download.

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